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First Mobile Truck APP with Virtual Reality (VR) Feature in Malaysia!!! Easy to Imagine Your Mobile Truck!!!


Own a New Food Truck with
RM46/day Only!!

We are one stop trucks solutions center for all kind of businesses on wheels such as mobile cafe, event, showroom, office, saloon and modification of van

We built more than 544 unit of food trucks in 5 years! 
We have more than 112 types of design!
100% approved by Puspakom & JPJ!

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 Mobile Truck

We specialized in building trucks bodies, custom build stainless steel kitchen cabinet & furniture fittings. We build according to JPJ & Puspakom’s requirement with premium commercial grade materials. We also provide professional consultation & solutions such as architecture work, interior design, 3D plan drawing, business license application & etc. 

Rental Program

We provide short & long term food trucks rental services as well. All trucks fully furnished with full set kitchen cabinet, equipment & generator. When you want to rent to food truck temporarily, our rental range offers a practical solution. You can rent a food truck as from six (6) months. During rental period, we fully support for trucks’ services, maintenance, insurance, road tax, inspection fee & replacement trucks. We also provide Rent-To-Own Program.

Vehicle-Mounted Inverter

A vehicle-mounted inverter designed for vehicle, a new energy for mobile trucks. The structure was designed and could withstand vibration for long time when vehicle is running. Battery isolators could be installed inside the inverter. The output voltage of the inverter could not decreased with the capacity of battery lower or the capacity of load increase cause the inverter’s power is sufficient. The inverter & battery’s life will not damaged by load, environment & rough usage cause the various protection functions. The components used to build the inverter have low calorific value and cooling fans are no need to long time run, users will not be disturbed by noise from fan.


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